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Our Buildings and houses
are the essential parts of your lives.

All ages had it's building materials coming from our surroundings. The minerals used for producing building materials lend a variety of energetic balance to these them. These are known to be wear out and get destroyed with time. The homes made out of these just as well.

The main cause of the problems is drenching and it's effects.

The effects are: molds, nitering and all the smells that come with them. These can cause diseases and get our buildings „sick” well. There are ways to treat the symptoms, but when using them the causes will not disappear: drenching and decondensation which are effects of wrong construction.



Past bearing building parts

Unfortunately it is visible that in such buildings only the symptoms are treated going under „cosmetic surgery”.

With the injections of chemicals and polyamid lasting solution will not appear because thes materials will never become organic parts the mineral components of the walls.

By cutting the walls interfering statically. Future cracks are unavoidable this way.

With the breathing plasters we give a free way to the material becoming salty which brings unforeseeable results.

The good news is that after the „”only symptom” treatment” - just like in medicine - a new alternative surfaced that focuses on the causes rehabilitating the buildings this way.

Worst mistake is the Follow up water isolation.

This problem could only be treated asymptomatically. We dry the walls and try to keep water away from them with more or less success.

The great thing in OXYDTRON technology is that the structure of the walls are made to keep water away from it's self.

The most important part of the technology is water. Not because it creates damage, but that it becomes a component and agent it's self. We allow to enter as much in the structure of the building as much it can absorbe. (The more water it absorbes the better the insulation becomes) Reading this can be bizarre at first sight because it is completely opposite with our aspiration until now. By placing our plaster system on the walls we create a surface with energy surplus which is watertight in it's self and has the ability to transmit this surplus to the energy lacking mass of the old walls creating a secondary christalization using the accumulated salt. The fungies in the structure of the walls disappear because of the appearance of ozone from the christalization process. From here on we only need time for the „mass insulation” to manifest. The process results a wall structure with an energy balance.

With the OXYDTRON technology
corroded building materials can be refurbished,
strengthened in face they can become more stable than their original state.





During our implementations we met nearly just about anything:

 The treatment of wet nitrous surfaces.

 Negative side insulation up to 5 bars of pressure.

 Concrete repairmant.

 The building an repairement of Concrete monuments.

 Repairement and full range protection of sweet water containers and cisterns .

 Manufacturing watertight, lye proof, acid proof and oil proof concrete.

 Monument protection.

All works are done by Oxydtron Technical Ltd. Both in Hungary and the surrounding countrys.

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Homlokzati vízszigetelés Budapest, Váci út - belső
Budapest, Váci út homlokzati és belső oldali vízszigetelése 400 m2-en. 80 cm vastag, tömör

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